The new year is approaching and everyone is starting to form their New Year’s resolutions. Before you decide to train for a marathon or learn a new language, tackle an easy but important task. Revamp your Linkedin profile.

Remove Stale Professional Experiences

Do you still have your college internship from twenty years ago listed? It’s time to take the axe to it. Experiences that are no longer relevant to you do not need to take up space on your precious page.

Refine Your Skills

If you have ten skills that are all endorsed, it is time to remove those three unendorsed skills. Forbes describes your skill section as a keyword oasis, so make the most of it!

Add Multimedia

Forbes also advises that you perform an inventory of all the multimedia files you have created and collected throughout the year. Include things like PowerPoint presentations, white papers, images of you working or speaking, video clips of you delivering presentations, etc. Then determine which ones can be shared publicly (you don’t want to expose company secrets or client information), and then cull them further to choose the ones that will help you tell your story. Add those to the Summary and Experience sections of your profile.

Update your Contacts

Just like in the business world, your contacts need to be up to date virtually as well. What’s the best way to go about this? Forbes has some great tips. Reverse sort your email for the year and go through it, identifying the new people you have communicated with and would like to add to your network. Then reach out to them on LinkedIn. Go through your calendar for the year and identify the new people with whom you have interacted at meetings, events, etc. Add them if you have not already done so. Identify people on your team, in your company, and in your larger work community (those you met at a training session or new clients or business partners) whom you met in the past year. Make sure they are LinkedIn connections. The more up to date your contacts are on LinkedIn, the more successful you will be!

As we head into 2018, everyone wants to put their best face forward. Start by updating your LinkedIn profile. Out with the old and in with the new!