Whether you love or loathe your job, there are times that you will be under more pressure than others. During those times, you need to be equipped with a skill set that will allow you to maintain your cool and persevere through the pressure. The following three strategies have been proven to be useful in maintaining your cool under the most stressful situations.

Eliminate Stressful Thoughts

The first step to maintaining your cool under tough situation is to eliminate stressful thoughts as much as possible. Why? Eliminating stressful thoughts is critical because they can build up over time, resulting in a meltdown or panic attack. Thoughts are known to become repetitive, so it is crucial to create a plan to combat them. Try asking yourself what the worst is that can happen. More often than not, the worst case scenario is not as bad as you’re making it in out to be in your head.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

When facing pressure, as hard is it may be, you need to slow down and focus on one action at a time. When you slow down and get present, you are able to fully engage in each task, which often translates into not only higher performance but less anxiety. By burying yourself with several unfinished tasks, you are only adding stress to yourself. While focusing on one task, it is also important not to get distracted by things such as your email or social media. University of California information scientist Gloria Mark found that it takes an average of 26 minutes to recover from trivial interruptions. Twenty six minutes is a lot of time to waste! So stay focused on one thing at a time and minimize distractions. This will aid you in maintaining your cool and performing under pressure.

Focus on Solutions instead of Problems

When the pressure is building, it will behoove you to focus on the solution instead of the problem. If you keep your eye on the end goal, the smaller hurdles along the way will feel less stressful. When you are confident that you can achieve the end goals no matter what, calm will naturally settle in.

We all face pressure and stress in the workplace. If you are able to maintain your cool and work through those times with grace, you will gain confidence in yourself and your bosses will as well.