There are certain traits of leadership that can be taught, at least insofar as helping these leaders solidify their understanding of these traits and learning how to better apply them within the workplace. Seminars can teach the fundamentals such as better decision making, improved communication skills, and how-to strategies for mentoring your team.

While these traits can definitely help to write the ending to your success story, but there is another trait that will cement your role in leadership that is not so easily taught – and even less easily learned. You can be adept at all other aspects of leadership but if you are lacking confidence, you will find it challenging to lead a successful team.

Do not mistake confidence for arrogance or aggressiveness either. These attitudes are not one in the same. In fact, leaders who are arrogant or aggressive actually lack this confidence, which is why they are not respected and likeable leaders.

Picking up on whether or not you have a confident leader managing your team is easier than you might think. Look for these signs of authentic confidence:


People who are confident maintain a positive attitude during the good times and the bad. Confident leaders truly believe that tough circumstances are only temporary and, therefore, see the light at the end of the tunnel even before getting that close.


You can spot a good leader before even speaking with them by observing the comradeship in the office. A confident leader will treat others with respect and will receive that same respect in return, leading to positive relationships.

Open To Feedback

A confident leader will recognize that working with a diverse individuals will require patience and feedback as they get all the parts of their team – or, metaphorically, machine – functioning in complete union with one another. This means they will be receptive to their team’s suggestions and their team will excel as a result.