Anyone in a leadership position can attest to living a busy life. Most leaders tend to be masters of organization, while others may prefer to figure it out as they go along, but regardless of your leadership style, anyone can benefit from a little organization and productivity assistance. With  an abundance of technology tools at your disposal, it may seem like even more of a burden than doing nothing at all just figuring out which will work for you. Luckily, I’ve done the research for you. Here are five tools any busy, hardworking person should check out for minimum interruption and maximum productivity.

1. Post-it Plus

Do you ever feel like your desk is cluttered with a collage of post-it notes, some of which might not even make sense to you anymore, but you keep them around because maybe you’ll need to come back to that random note you took down last week? Most office workers should be able to relate. Post-it Plus takes all of your jumbled, sloppy notes and puts them into a digital format that is clear and easy to follow. Simply snap a picture of your post-it notes, and the free app makes them recognizable and shareable.

2. Nimble

If you have a job that requires you to work with clients or customers, then you know that it is difficult yet essential to keep them organized and respond to them in a timely and informative manner. With CRM tool Nimble, you can keep all of your contacts organized with minimum data entry- you can even set yourself reminders for when you need to follow up with someone!

3. Evernote

Kind of like Post-it Plus, Evernote is a note organization tool, allowing you to keep your notes and reminders confined to one place. More than that though, it is a tech-savvy communication tool- think of it as your digital journal where you can personalize your thoughts with lists, pictures, links, and tags.

4. Slack

Despite what the name may imply, Slack is not an app for slackers. It helps busy people stay organized and connected to one another without the need for internal emails through group and private messaging, videos, link summaries, and notifications. Plus, don’t worry about transferring all your disparate files into the app, because Slack connects with your devices and cloud storage platforms like DropBox and Google Drive.

5. Toggl

Even the most effective leaders need a little push every now and then to stay on track, and Toggl may be just the push you need. Toggl is a time management tool that promises to boost employee productivity and increase revenue. It’s a simple tool, but you can organize your tasks into categories and, with a timer, figure out how long you are devoting to each one and make adjustments as needed.