With the fast pace lifestyle and endless amount of work that is to be done on the job, it’s no wonder that employees find themselves being shorted a work break. Often times there is no time for engagement between coworkers, and in the end they are stuck behind the desk for hours on end. While some may say that this is the most effective way to ensure that all deadlines are met, the reality is that it’s a recipe for disaster. There must be time that is set aside for employees to be engaged with one another and to have a proper break from their work. Without both of these components it can begin to mentally wear on employees.

Employees who are able to have a proper break actually produce better results, and have an increased productivity. While it may sound like it would be the exact opposite, studies have shown that employees come back from a break with better drive. It gives workers the chance to re energize and return more focused and ready to finish out the rest of their shift. Without the chance to step away for a few minutes and clear their head mentally, it’s easy for anyone to fall into a mental slump for the rest of the day.

Many workers face challenging tasks each and every day of work. Taking the time to have a break allows the employee to take a step back and come back with a completely rejuvenated outlook on the challenges ahead of them the rest of the day. Providing employees with this break can help to bring about this fresh perspective. Many employees who are given these opportunities also come back to work with new and innovative ideas that can launch a company forward.

When breaks and coworker engagement are promoted in the workplace it also helps to provide an overall healthier work environment. It gives employees time to properly rest or enjoy a healthy snack or meal. This type of decision to allow this time frame helps to encourage all employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle. If the company helps to promote a healthier lifestyle, it will encourage all of their employee to better take care of themselves. It allows employees to know how valued they are.