When spring weather thaws the frozen earth, Mother Nature begins to bloom into life once again. The winter season, no doubt, caused a severe case of cabin fever for the entire family, so it’s time to shake off the winter funk with these five spring activities to keep you and your family active and in shape.


It’s hard to find someone who does not enjoy eating delicious food outside. For families that have young children, it can be difficult to combine their love of the outdoors with a healthy meal. Picnics are a great way for you to pack a healthy meal that they can enjoy on-the-go. A healthy meal full of vitamins and minerals is sure to kick their energy up a notch, so be sure to bring games that will burn off that energy.

Get Wet

Spring usually brings weather that’s warm enough to warrant an impromptu adventure in the local swimming pool or water games with the backyard hose. For children that really enjoy playing in the water during warmer weather and don’t have access to a pool, purchasing a specialty water sprinkler designed just for kids to play in would be a perfect way to keep them entertained and introduce a burst of exercise into their day.

Engage in Water Games

If there’s one thing that kids love more than running through water, it’s throwing water at other people to make them join in on the fun. Encourage the children to use safety when getting one another wet by providing them with water balloons. Water balloons are not only a safe alternative to other physical activities but they can also be used in a plethora of different games that can keep the children entertained for hours and provide physical activity to help them stay healthy.

Take the Family Hiking

Spring is the perfect opportunity to pack up a few backpacks full of essential items and drive to a favorite hiking area. Hikes can provide a myriad of health benefits including mood improvement, muscle strengthening, and can reduce the symptoms of common health conditions.

Whichever activity you choose to do, know that the warm weather coupled with a fun activity will be sure to lift everyone’s spirits!