Wherever you go, the spaces that you will enter into have some sort of resounding psychological effect on you.

It is clear that spaces can affect your mood, which is why people are happiest in the sanctity of their own homes. People are diligent about designing a space for themselves that are reflective of their personalities because your home is where you go to take refuge from the outside world.

Every time you enter into a foreign space, you will unquestionably react to your surroundings. These reactions are mostly insignificant because the majority of spaces you enter into are only for short periods of time. But what about places where you spend more time in, like your workspace?

It has been proven that the layout and design of a workspace can directly influence the emotional responses and overall productivity of the employees in the office. Here is how to create the ideal workspace for the betterment of your employees:

Give employees a voice.

Your employees spend more time at the office during the week than they do their own homes, so why shouldn’t they have a say in the layout of their workspace? Giving your employees control in shaping their surroundings leaves them feeling more empowered. This empowerment not only translates to higher levels of productivity, but it also creates a stronger bond to the company.

Inviting furniture design.

It may sound silly, but research shows that the design of office furniture has a psychological effect on employees. Data from a 2011 study showed that employees preferred rounded accents on furniture to be more inviting and pleasing to the eye, all which trigger positive brain activity.

Go au naturale.

Fluorescent lights and enclosed spaces are the reasons why many people dread going to work in the morning. Include natural features throughout the office as frequently as possible. Windows let in natural light and the views help to rejuvenate the minds of your employees.

The design of your office may not see like a priority, but when you understand just how much layout and decor can affect your employees, it’s obvious that putting the work into transforming your workspace will lead to happier employees and a more successful company.