The weekend is your time. And it’s true, you can spend it however you would like — whether that’s catching up with friends and family, indulging a non-professional hobby, or binge watching Netflix on your couch.


The thing about real success, however, is that it’s not a faucet you can turn on and off at will, and it doesn’t fit neatly into separate categories of work and play. Successful people are working on their goals every day of the week.


Does that mean you shouldn’t take the time for leisure and rest on the weekends? Of course not! Relaxation and rejuvenation are a crucial part of being a successful person. No one can go go go 24/7/365, and if you try you’ll quickly find that it only backfires into inferior quality work and constant exhaustion. Of course you should relax and enjoy the weekend.


The trick is to find activities that you enjoy and that leave you feeling refreshed while also engaging your creative thinking. Taking a walk in nature, for instance, will go further to leave you feeling ready to face the week than spending the day in your pajamas. Problem solving for a passion project or even working your way through a crossword puzzle will help exercise different parts of your mind (and rest up your work self) while still honing your creativity and keeping your mind sharp.


The habit of being “productive” even on activities that aren’t strictly work-related is an important one, and will translate into greater success in all areas of your life, both work and play included. Plus, you’ll find you actually feel more relaxed even though you “worked” more.


Finally, since you’re feeling so rejuvenated after a weekend of stimulating activities, you’ll be able to afford a few minutes on Sunday night to get organized and make a plan for the week. Taking these few moments to center yourself and prepare for your weekly tasks will do wonders to help you stay relaxed and calm all week long so that you’ll be more productive, more successful, and less wiped out by the time Friday rolls around again.