Perhaps you have earned a position in leadership within your company, but you want to improve your leadership skills. What are some practical tips for making this happen?

Earn their Respect

One of the best ways to improve your leadership abilities is to earn the respect of those you are leading. Get down in the trenches with them and do the same work they are doing. If you work together with your team members and understand what they do every day, they will respect you for it. And that respect will go a long way for fueling company growth. Gaining the respect of your team will not happen overnight, but it will happen if you commit to it.

Learn From Your Team

As a leader, you do just as much learning as you do teaching, if not more.Try implementing knowledge-sharing sessions weekly. More informally, be sure to promote a culture of learning and collaboration. Learning from your team members not only helps you grow, it also aids in making strategic decisions for that team. Perhaps a team member is an expert on a particular matter that you’ve been wanting to learn more about. This provides the perfect opportunity for connection and gaining knowledge! Always remember that you do not know all there is to know and you can always learn more!

Share the Lessons you Learn

On the flip side of learning from those you lead, you need to impart some of the knowledge you’ve gained along the way to them as well. As a leader, you have done things right along the way, so pass these lessons on to your team! That way, they can hopefully avoid making the same mistakes you did. Nobody leads, or learns, in a vacuum!

Make Better Decisions

Once you implement these strategies, you will begin to make better decisions as a leader of your team. You will be more equipped to identify gaps, make sure people are in the correct roles and adjust certain systems and processes when necessary.

Honing your leadership skills is a process, but if you follow the above tips, you will be on the path to leadership success!