The social and working worlds of today have changed greatly over decades. Millennials are changing the way the work place is run and more people are stepping out of their comfort zones to become effective leaders. But what exactly is a leader?

A leader is someone that people look up to. Leaders are approachable.They’re willing to help others and give advice because they focus on “creating value rather than counting it.” Leaders focus on solving situations and problems in order to help their surroundings. Effective leadership requires practice, patience, and an understanding of others. Many bosses don’t have the patience or understanding of their employees in order to be effective leaders.

Influence is the focus of an effective leader, not power. Leaders focus on doing the right thing, rather than doing what someone else wants them to. Influence creates motivation and inspiration for others and the future. Leaders tend to focus on solutions to problems through effective learning, researching, and practicing. Leaders are constantly trying to better themselves as well as others around them, therefore they will work closely to ensure mentorship and pass on skills to help expose new ideas and innovations of others.