With the new year having just begun, it is no time to slack on your fitness goals! But it’s cold you say. That’s ok. There are plenty of winter workouts to keep you busy until Spring. The following four are not only exceptional physical workouts, they are fun too!

Play in the Snow

If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to live in an area with snow, use it to your advantage! Instead of staying inside and grumbling about the weather, embrace it! Prevention Magazine suggests you head out to an open, snow-covered field with some water-resistant trainers or hiking shoes and an appropriate number of layers. Ice doesn’t usually form on grass, so it’s usually safe to run on a field of fresh fallen snow. Try running, jogging, jumping, and plain old-fashioned playing in the snow. There are few things more tranquil yet exhilarating than running around in freshly fallen snow.

Indoor Sports

Indoor sports programs are a great way to combat the winter monotony. Competition levels can range from anywhere from pure recreational to expert. The most cost effective programs are usually run by local municipalities where gym space at a local school or community centre is secured and people drop in for a game of basketball, floor hockey or other team sports.

Ice Skate

Greatist.com explains that ice skating isn’t just for kids. If it’s too cold for outdoor skating, find your local indoor rink. Aside from being a nice change of pace, skating tones the legs, core, and butt, along with smaller, stabilizing muscles that assist with balance and coordination. At a moderate pace, ice skating also burns about 500 calories per hour. That is comparable to any gym workout!

Shoot Hoops

Basketball is not just a great game in the summer, it is a wonderful workout all year.  Engaging in a friendly game of indoor hoops can burn more than 600 calories per hour. Running full-court can also improve your athletic endurance. Ask a friend or a coworker if they’d be up for a game before or after work one day!

Don’t allow the cold and dark weather to deter your fitness dreams. Instead, use the winter as a time to mix it up! Sign up for a local basketball league or lace up those ice skates you never use. There are plenty of winter workouts to keep you busy and in shape until Spring!