As an increasing number of consumers care about where their products come from and how the company treats employees, leadership skills become more and more important. Good leaders help a business succeed. Poor leadership skills can keep a business struggling until leadership improves. More specifically, good leadership helps you grow the business, prevent problems, recognize and act on opportunities, and utilize resources more efficiently. Below I have outlined some of the best colleges that offer leadership majors and programs.

Columbia University in the City of New York

A private Ivy league research university, Columbia University is one of the most prestigious universities. Their leadership programs equip students with actionable knowledge, such as negotiation strategies and how to lead organizational change. Columbia University’s leadership programs also teach students how to lead others to greatness, hire talented people, and motivate a team based on a shared vision.

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is a public research university founded by Thomas Jefferson. For students seeking mastery in leadership, the university has a Center for Leadership Excellence. There are a wide array of leadership classes and programs offered here. Different from other universities, the University of Virginia invites students to email them for advice on which leadership classes are best for them if they’re unsure. A learning and development specialist will let you know what would be best for your needs and goals.

John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University is a private research university. Because John Hopkins is a well-known name in the medical industry, some assume the university only has health majors. However, they also have programs on leadership, education, and arts and music. Examples of leadership programs offered at the university include organizational leadership, leadership in technology integration, and MBA/MA in design leadership.

Villanova University

The leadership program at Villanova University aims to help students become organized, productive, outstanding leaders in an organization. Students can acquire tactical management skills in specialized areas. Villanova University helps students develop confidence and professional integrity as well as management techniques. Examples of strategies students learn about in their leadership courses include employee communication, fiscal planning, philosophy and ethics, high-level leadership principles, and individual development.

The four colleges listed above are some of the best that offer leadership majors and programs. Leadership skills are essential for success in business. Good leadership will help you retain employees, attract talent, and grow the business. Leaders in an organization set the tone for the brand and workers.