Challenges Leaders Face

If leadership were easy, we’d probably have a lot more executives and CEOs. Although you could argue that anyone can be a leader, and it’s true that leaders come from all different backgrounds and personality types, not everyone is cut out for a leadership position....

Avoid the Biggest Leadership Mistake

There are many ways to be an exceptional leader, and many ways to be a poor one, too. In my professional experience, however, one leadership mistake has stood out year after year as the easiest way to sabotage your team and counteract even the most sincere effort to lead with grace, confidence, and vision. What makes this pitfall so insidious is that even managers who are excellent leaders in other areas can make this mistake without even realizing it.

How to Face Change as a Healthcare Leader

Healthcare professionals today face an industry in flux. Important medical technology continues to develop at breakneck speed, and healthcare reform drives rapid change throughout the industry. Healthcare leaders are up against greater challenges than ever before as traditional models of care are reshaped. Effective leaders need to find ways not only to handle times of uncertainly but to thrive in the face of change.