Throughout your day, you probably find yourself doing mindless things such as washing the dishes or even driving to work. Your mind begins to wander. Instead of allowing this to be dead-time, turn it into a time of learning! And what better way to learn than by listening to a podcast? The following are three informational and educational podcasts related to leadership.

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Thom Singer is the author of books on the power of business relationships, sales, networking and entrepreneurship. He started the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast to share his knowledge and experiences in hopes of inspiring a new generation of thoughtful leaders. On the show, Singer interviews business leaders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and others who possess an extra dose of the entrepreneurial spirit. In recent months, he has explored topics including running several companies at once, fitness for entrepreneurs, and understanding trends before they happen. This is an easy-listening podcast for anyone!

The Nice Guys on Business

In “The Nice Guys on Business,” Doug Sandler shares real-life stories, successes, struggles, failures, and opportunities in the business world. Every episode is a conversation about real life. The key rule of the show is very simple: Sandler has no rules and nothing is off limits. Sandler is great at challenging his audience to turn off the negative thoughts that are playing in their heads and to lead a positive life. This is not only a podcast about nice guys but a podcast how nice guys can finish first.

No Quit Living

No Quit Living strives to promote motivation and inspiration to its listeners, according to Brian Hart. Since launching in early 2017, No Quit Living has been rated as a top 50 business podcast on iTunes. Christopher Wirth uses the podcast as an opportunity to focus on finding success in the face of adversity. Each episode he invites a new guest, ranging from business executives to fellow podcasters, to share their stories and provide advice on overcoming challenges.

At the start of a brand new year, many of us have an increased focus on not only our personal but our business goals as well. What better way to consume critical information than via a podcast? You can garner motivation, learn from others and solidify your leadership skills, all while doing the dishes!