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The Importance of Employee Engagement and Lunch Breaks

The Importance of Employee Engagement and Lunch Breaks

With the fast pace lifestyle and endless amount of work that is to be done on the job, it’s no wonder that employees find themselves being shorted a work break. Often times there is no time for engagement between coworkers, and in the end they are stuck behind the desk for hours on end. While some may say that this is the most effective way to ensure that all deadlines are met, the reality is that it’s a recipe for disaster. There must be time that is set aside for employees to be engaged with one another and to have a proper break from their work. Without both of these components it can begin to mentally wear on employees.

Employees who are able to have a proper break actually produce better results, and have an increased productivity. While it may sound like it would be the exact opposite, studies have shown that employees come back from a break with better drive. It gives workers the chance to re energize and return more focused and ready to finish out the rest of their shift. Without the chance to step away for a few minutes and clear their head mentally, it’s easy for anyone to fall into a mental slump for the rest of the day.

Many workers face challenging tasks each and every day of work. Taking the time to have a break allows the employee to take a step back and come back with a completely rejuvenated outlook on the challenges ahead of them the rest of the day. Providing employees with this break can help to bring about this fresh perspective. Many employees who are given these opportunities also come back to work with new and innovative ideas that can launch a company forward.

When breaks and coworker engagement are promoted in the workplace it also helps to provide an overall healthier work environment. It gives employees time to properly rest or enjoy a healthy snack or meal. This type of decision to allow this time frame helps to encourage all employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle. If the company helps to promote a healthier lifestyle, it will encourage all of their employee to better take care of themselves. It allows employees to know how valued they are.

Tips for Recruiting the Best Employees

Tips for Recruiting the Best Employees

Starting a new business or even continuing a successful run of one that already exists is typically met with a whole slew of challenges. One main challenge is hiring talented employees that become the face of the company and that are dedicated to the success of the company and its long-term goals. A company is only as strong as its workers and therefore, hiring the best employees is crucial.

When a company is first searching for talented people to become part of their staff, they need to tailor their advertisement in a way that attracts the best of the best. All too often businesses such as retail shops, restaurants, and more post a typical advertisement that seems like something along the lines of, “Looking for talented and experienced staff.” Of course, that’s what a business wants but if they want to attract staff that is different and will stand apart from the crowd as true leaders, they need to work on their wording. A unique advertisement will attract better applicants than the generic group of 100 that normally respond to advertisements.

Another step to recruit the best of the best is to use the resources a company already has. If a company has core staff members who truly uphold the business standards, chances are they have friends and family members who have the same work ethic. An employee referral program is a great incentive to have trained staff have their friends come on board. Everyone wins in a situation like that.

To recruit the best employees, a company needs to know exactly who they want. All too often, companies tend to look at experience and hire based off that. Times are changing, and companies need to start focusing on the person themselves. If someone has a sharp wit, a hard work ethic, passion, and drive then it’s worth giving them a chance to see if they’ve got what it takes.

Finally, once an employee comes onboard, it’s time to make sure they stick around. Often times, people quit their jobs in the first three to six months because they find that it’s not the best fit or they become overwhelmed. Management needs to check in periodically to make sure that new staff is happy and adjusting well. If upper management shows that they care about their staff, staff will be more inclined to stick around.

Tips for Maintaining your Cool under Pressure

Tips for Maintaining your Cool under Pressure

Whether you love or loathe your job, there are times that you will be under more pressure than others. During those times, you need to be equipped with a skill set that will allow you to maintain your cool and persevere through the pressure. The following three strategies have been proven to be useful in maintaining your cool under the most stressful situations.

Eliminate Stressful Thoughts

The first step to maintaining your cool under tough situation is to eliminate stressful thoughts as much as possible. Why? Eliminating stressful thoughts is critical because they can build up over time, resulting in a meltdown or panic attack. Thoughts are known to become repetitive, so it is crucial to create a plan to combat them. Try asking yourself what the worst is that can happen. More often than not, the worst case scenario is not as bad as you’re making it in out to be in your head.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

When facing pressure, as hard is it may be, you need to slow down and focus on one action at a time. When you slow down and get present, you are able to fully engage in each task, which often translates into not only higher performance but less anxiety. By burying yourself with several unfinished tasks, you are only adding stress to yourself. While focusing on one task, it is also important not to get distracted by things such as your email or social media. University of California information scientist Gloria Mark found that it takes an average of 26 minutes to recover from trivial interruptions. Twenty six minutes is a lot of time to waste! So stay focused on one thing at a time and minimize distractions. This will aid you in maintaining your cool and performing under pressure.

Focus on Solutions instead of Problems

When the pressure is building, it will behoove you to focus on the solution instead of the problem. If you keep your eye on the end goal, the smaller hurdles along the way will feel less stressful. When you are confident that you can achieve the end goals no matter what, calm will naturally settle in.

We all face pressure and stress in the workplace. If you are able to maintain your cool and work through those times with grace, you will gain confidence in yourself and your bosses will as well.

About Alexander Gladney

Alexander Gladney is Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Capital Health, a leader in progressive, quality healthcare services. Specializing in corporate, real estate, contract, and voting rights law, Alexander is licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Alexander has a broad legal background with a unique combination of contractual, information technology, transactional, and litigation legal experience.

In September 2008, Alexander Gladney joined the Capital Health team in the office of General Counsel. In recognition of his outstanding work, he was quickly promoted to associate general counsel, during which time he drafted protocols, policies, and contracts. Alexander was tasked with handling complex real estate transaction and high-profile complex litigation cases. Furthermore, Alexander Gladney served as an advisor to management, human resources, and physicians on all legal issues, including public & private contracts, state and federal compliance, conflicts-of-interest, and financial disclosure concerns.

Several years later, Alexander Gladney assumed his current role as Chief Legal Officer and Vice President of Risk Management. Overseeing several departments, he plays an integral role in both the restructuring and realigning of strategic planning, operations, marketing, finance, and regulatory affairs.

Prior to his employment with Capital Health, Alexander Gladney served as a litigation and policy attorney for the New Jersey Department of Public Advocate in Trenton, New Jersey. During this time, he negotiated an MOU with the NJ Attorney General and Motor Vehicle Commission for NVRA compliance, litigated on eminent domain cases, removing the designation of “economic blight” in New Jersey, and drafted briefs and litigation materials for voting rights, homeland security, and healthcare cases.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Alexander Gladney holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Fine Arts. Following his undergraduate education, Alexander attended Temple University School of Law, earning his Juris Doctorate with a focus on Corporate Law.

Capital Health is committed to providing comprehensive, quality healthcare services which improve and sustain the health status of the residents primarily in Central New Jersey and Lower Bucks County. Capital Health assures accessible, compassionate healthcare services that honor the dignity of every person. Capital Health will be a leader in defining the community’s healthcare needs, in providing appropriate solutions, and developing a comprehensive continuum of care including education, prevention, disease management and restorative programs.

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